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Payroll Service

E-WorkersComp.net works with small, medium, and large businesses to custom build flexible solutions to improve Payroll Services for employers. Our brokers will work one on one with you to develop a plan that will free you and your employees up to focus on more important parts of business operations. We will manage the time-consuming tasks of payroll and tax filling. We make sure that your payroll is on time and accurate, every time.

Our payroll partners offer a comprehensive set of payroll related services. You can piece together your program to fit your needs or work towards a complete human resource package, which includes, HR management, payroll services, and employee benefits.

Benefits of Payroll Services:

Convenience – When you outsource your payroll management, you don’t have to sit over your desk for hours a week. With our payroll services, you are able to simply call in and give your employees hours, deductions, and salary amounts and we will send out the check. You are also able to submit information online for even quicker response.

Functionality – If you have more than 2 employees, keeping up with retirement plans, tax deductions, and direct deposits can cost plenty of time. Our payroll services will handle all the aspects of paying your employees. You also get reports, calculated tax obligations, and fully prepared W2 forms.

Accuracy & Compliance – You can count on us to be accurate every time and stay up to date with new tax laws related to your employee payroll. State and federal payroll regulations can be complicated. Outsourcing your payroll puts those responsibilities into the hands of professional that understand your business.