Focus on the growth of your business while streamlining employer responsibilities. Save money on insurance cost and implement better benefits for your employees. Hire a PEO/Employee Leasing Company to manage your Human Resources, Workers Comp, Payroll and Employee Administration.

What is a PEO?

PEO and Employee Leasing Companies are professional organizations that specialize in Human Resource services. They outsource their service to small and medium sized businesses. By outsourcing to many businesses they are able to provide small companies with access to benefits that would otherwise not be accessible. They provide management of these programs allowing the business owner to focus on his core business values and not the paperwork behind it.

What are the Benefits?

  • Easily secure Workers Compensation insurance
  • Access to better employee benefits and a professional team to manage these programs for you
  • Save money on insurance by becoming eligible for group purchasing discounts
  • Spend more time focusing on business growth, customer service and your product

Can I Save Money on Workers Compensation?

Yes, by purchasing a policy through a PEO and Employee Leasing Company you can save money. In most cases employers are able to reduce their rates because they become less of a risk to insurers. Employers also will have a team of professionals providing administration of injury claims, safety training and compliance.

Save Money on Insurance, Human Resources and Payroll,
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