This may be the first carpentry insurance policy that you have purchased, or you may be searching for a more affordable alternative. We can help you purchase carpentry Workers Compensation insurance in 2 ways, stand-alone and PEO/Employee Leasing. Each can provide Workers Compensation insurance coverage for your business. The right solution depends upon the number of employees who need to be covered, payroll amount and past claim history.Workers Comp insurance covers employees of your business who are injured on the job. It can pay for medical costs, lost wages and death of an employee. Part-time employees typically need to be included in the policy and if you work with independent or subcontractors make sure that they have their own insurance or are included in the policy. States classify an employee as an individual who is hired to perform a task or service at the manager’s direction. If you have questions about who to include in the policy, including exemptions available, please speak with an agent or broker.

Workers Comp insurance is a separate requirement from liability or health insurance. Neither health nor liability will cover injuries of employees on the job. Having insurance means that a business can pay for medical care, lost wages and death benefits. Most states will require that you purchase a policy. Currently the only state not regulating Workers Comp is Texas.

Cost for carpentry insurance is more expensive than the same coverage for an office worker because of the inherent risks of the job. A stand-alone policy is a great option for larger operations but not the best option for small business. If a company has a high number of claims, it can be difficult to purchase stand-alone coverage. With PEO/Employee Leasing your business will have coverage, the payment options are more flexible and the policy will be there to grow with the company. If you are a small business looking for carpentry insurance be sure that you request a quote for PEO/Employee Leasing before purchasing a stand-alone policy

If you are still unsure as to what policy is right for you, speak with an agent by phone 800-329-2040. Otherwise if you would like to request a quote, please use our online form. We will be happy to answer any questions you have. covers 46 states including carpentry insurance in Florida, California, Texas, Arizona and Louisiana.