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Colorado Workers Comp insurance offers paid benefits to your employees who become injured or ill while working on the job. Although it does not cover all types of accidents, it will reduce your liability as an employer and is required by most states in order to be licensed and do business. The most common types of protection provided are: accidents and injuries that occur on the job, occupational diseases and death.


Colorado Workers Comp insurance rates are determined by three major factors unique to your business. These factors are occupational class codes, past claim frequency/severity, and the size of your company. An independent agency can help you to get the best rates for your business by shopping multiple insurers.

  • Class codes compare and determine which types of industries in your state have the most accidents and the most common injuries that occur.
  • Larger companies employ more workers and will typically more accidents on the job.
  • Your company has an individual experience modifier which can decrease/increase rates based upon how many accidents have occurred under your policy.

How to Obtain Coverage

The process begins by requesting a quote through our website and working with an agent to submit your business information to an insurer. Our agency will help you to determine which company will offer the best product for your needs and purchase coverage through the insurer. Our goal is to reduce what you pay for insurance and secure coverage fast. We are available by phone if you have problems or questions call 800-329-2040 for further assistance.

About Us

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