As a small business owner the success of your company is what matters most to you. It is important to us also. We find Florida Crane Contractors affordable insurance coverage that protects the financial success of their business.

Florida Insurance Coverage for Crane Contractors

Crane Contractors face different risks on the job. Insurance helps businesses that employ crane contractors cover job injuries, accidents and property damage. The best managed organization still faces accidents and one single incident can create a major financial problem for your business. Having insurance creates security and will allow you to successfully take the necessary risks required to perform your job without facing bankruptcy if such an incident occurs. There are three main types of coverage that your business will need to consider purchasing. It is one of the most important decisions you as a business owner will make to secure your future success. With our agency’s help you can get affordable coverage that is there when you need it the most.

  • Florida Workers Comp for crane contractors covers employees if they become injured or ill on the job. Repetitive motion, traumatic injury or vehicle impact can leave you in a lawsuit or paying out of pocket for treatment. With Workers Comp Insurance you will be able to avoid a lawsuit because most Workers Comp claims forfeit the right of an employee to sue in court for further damages. It will help your employees recover lost wages, receive medical treatment and return to work. As a business owner buying Workers Comp insurance helps you to protect your employees both professionally and personally.
  • Buying Liability Insurance for crane contractors will extend coverage from your employees to customers and damage to property. Without it, your company faces a bigger risk one that could leave your business bankrupt. Securing insurance is an investment in the financial success of your future allowing you to take the necessary risk you will face on the job.
  • Florida PEO/Employee Leasing Companies are an attractive solution for your small businesses. A PEO/Employee Leasing Company will help businesses that have a high Experience Rating and expensive insurance rate to secure a more affordable policy. With a PEO you can reduce your cost of doing businesses by securing affordable insurance, outsourcing human resources, payroll and administration. You save money and have more time to focus on running your business.

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Finding Low Cost Florida Insurance Rates

Florida Crane Contractor Insurance rates depend upon a unique industry classification code created by insurance carriers in order to classify risks associated with your industry. Rates are also calculated using an Experience Rating which is unique to your individual company and based upon the previous claims/losses you have within a 12 to 36 month span. Florida laws and regulation also account for how much an insurance carrier is able to charge, helping to limit what it costs your company to do business in Florida.

An Industry Classification Code breaks down what types of accidents, injuries and damages that a Crane Contractor will face the most on the job. General Contractors, Roofers and Crane Contractors all have a unique industry classification code that determines what types of risks are associated with insuring the business.

If your company has had many accidents and injuries it increases your Experience Rating which in turn means that you cost more to insure. A High Experience Rating can prevent you from securing affordable insurance. For companies that need low cost coverage but have a high Experience Rating, a PEO/Employee Leasing Service can be the best solution. With a PEO, insurance can be purchased within groups and your company will have a dedicated administration to managing, analyzing and working to reduce your losses.

Affordable FL Crane Contractor Insurance

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