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Crane contractors face a tough work environment that can leave them vulnerable to accident, injury or damages. Contractors, independent and sub-contractors need a solid insurance policy that protects them and is there when they need it most. Choosing an insurance policy is one of the most important decisions that you will make. You need a plan that is affordable and protects you in case of accident.

  • Workers Comp Insurance for Crane Contractors will ensure that you or your employees are covered if an injury or illness occurs. Workers Compensation is mandatory for Crane Contractors in most states and pays for medical treatment, lost wages and disability. Employers are also protected from personal injury lawsuits as most employees with Workers Comp forfeit the right to sue an employer.
  • Liability Insurance for Crane Contractors extends protection to property damages and customer injuries. Without Liability Insurance you or your business can be held financially accountable for damages and find yourself paying out of pocket.

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How Rates for Crane Contractors are Calculated

Crane Contractors Insurance Rates are calculated based off an occupational classification code, Experience Modification and State Rates.

  • Occupational Classification Codes separate the workforce into individual classifications based upon the type of risks and injuries that are most likely to occur. A crane contractor faces different dangers in the work environment than a roofer or general contractor.
  • Experience Modification is based upon a history of past claim reports within 12-36 months. Insurance rates are calculated using experience modification depending upon whether a contractor has a history of accidents.
  • California and Texas have different insurance rates for Crane Contractors based upon state laws and regulations. California and Texas both do not regulate how much an insurance company can charge a business. Other states, like Florida set maximum rates that can be charged.

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