Clients have stated that they have never seen commercial insurance be this easy before. In most cases, businesses are able to receive a quote and obtain coverage the same day.

Tampa, FL November 29, 2011

With the launch of there is now a fast way for businesses to get workers compensation insurance coverage. The insurance agency works directly with each individual to design plans and save businesses money.

The Director of New Business Development at stated, “Fast and Affordable coverage is what new businesses are looking for. In the vast majority of states, it is mandated that employers have and maintain Workers Compensation. New businesses often have trouble finding affordable coverage and have traditionally been underserved.” features a state of the art computer rating system which quickly takes in details about the business then calculates available insurance rates. uses the calculations to deliver competitive coverage based on the businesses unique underwriting criteria.

The Director of New Business Development at noted “The Workers Compensation insurance sector is an excellent opportunity for us to assert our brand in the national industry and provide quality underwriting, affordability and speed of service to industries in need. It is an area where we have been able to deliver and where simply, our competitors cannot.”,, is actively building relationships with employers who need quality low cost Workers Comp for their business with A Rated programs and capacity in 46 States.

Written by Ben Kaylor