You started your business to do something that you love but you also have the responsibility of managing Human Resources, Payroll, Employee Benefits and Loss Control. Most small businesses do not have the aggregate resources to manage HR, Accounting and Benefits so most business owner are left with a lot of time spent on paperwork.

What is it?

Florida employee Leasing companies offer Payroll Services, HR and Workers Compensation to businesses. You have full control over your business but save money and time by outsourcing the paperwork necessary to be a successful employer.

  • With Payroll Services your business can recapture focus on increasing profits and unbury yourself from paperwork. You can have a team of experts provide you with tax filing services, wage garnishments, seamless general ledger input and much more in order to eliminate bookkeeping problems.
  • A Large and Dedicated HR Team to provide staff administration, training and management. Your company will have access to safety training, drug screening and background checks. Your HR Team can help you to attract and recruit new employees. This team will also work to improve the benefits you can provide your employees.
  • Workers Compensation Insurance is essential for your businesses. Most companies are required to carry this type of insurance and a Florida Employee Leasing Company will help you to secure an affordable rate.

Find the Best Solution for your Business
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Employee Leasing Companies offer the best benefits and value for your dollar. Your resources become larger and in many cases you will save money. You get the benefit of having a large and dedicated administrative team, access to low cost Workers Comp Insurance and improved services for employees. You benefit by saving time and money on paperwork allowing your business to recapture focus.

  • With a dedicated HR/Administrative Team your employees have better access to benefits including complete payroll services such as Direct Deposit, Assistance with Wage/Hour Compliance and Retirement Planning.
  • If you want a Low Cost Workers Comp Rate this is a great way to do it. You can save money on insurance cost, reduce paperwork and expand your team. Companies that have a high Experience Mod can reduce their rates and get access to loss control/management and safety training, management of injured workers claims, fraud prevention, return-to-work programs and much more.
  • You will be able to improve the benefits that you can provide your current team. With more benefits and a dedicated administrative team your company will have the resource to attract and recruit new talent.

Find the Best Solution for your Business will help you find the best Florida Employee Leasing company and lowest cost Workers Compensation Insurance. We are an independent insurance agency in Tampa. Our goal is to help you save money. As a specialist in Workers Comp we have connections with hundreds of A Rated and Admitted Carriers throughout the United States. Get an Employee Leasing Quote and see how much you can save!

We provide Employee Leasing Solutions throughout Florida including:
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