In Georgia, Workmans Comp Insurance is mandatory for business owners and required by law if you employ more than three workers. Part-time employees and business owners may need to be counted as an employee. Whether you choose to include independent and sub-contractors that are not full-time employees you should require them to have their own insurance. If they do not you could be held liable.

A Georgia Workman’s Comp Insurance policy can provide protection to employers and their employees from accidents and injuries on the job. A policy does not cover everything. Each business faces unique risks in their day to day operations and coverage must be tailored to provide the best protection against those risks. A basic policy can help pay for medical cost, a portion of lost wages and death.

Every business owner should have Workman’s Comp Insurance. Even in the best managed operations, accidents do occur and planning for your financial success in the future will need to include insurance. Without it, you could face large fines and risk paying out of pocket because of an injury.

If your current policy costs too much, we want to help. As an independent insurance agency, we understand that you are searching for the best rates and coverage for your business. We do not represent one but a large network of carriers and can help you to shop for a policy independently and unbiased.

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How to Obtain Coverage

To obtain coverage for Georgia Workman’s Comp Insurance you will need to request a free quote, either by phone or by applying online.

  • Stand Alone Policy: Purchased directly from the insurer, the employer assumes responsibilities for reporting employee injuries and risk is based off of the companies past claim history, payroll and employee class codes.
  • PEO/Employee Leasing: Purchased within a co-employment relationship where employer is able to reduce some direct responsibilities by having a PEO/Employee Leasing company assume some of the risk. Rates can be cheaper for business owners with a high experience mod or that have a small company.

About Us provides business owners with the freedom to find the best products and competitive rates. We provide our clients with a level of professional and personal confidence. Our goal is always to design comprehensive coverage, find affordable rates and great customer service. We have specialized in Georgia Workman’s Comp Insurance since 2003. Call us to speak with a professional about your needs and to request a free quote.

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  • Metal Fabrication and Heavy Manufacturers
  • Maritime – including USL&H / Jones Act
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  • Roofers
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