Before you begin shopping for Workers Compensation Insurance coverage make sure that you have studied your past claim history and that you have reviewed your current policy in order to familiarize yourself with the benefits and rates. Your past claim history contains information about injuries/accidents that your company has filed a claim for within the last 12 to 36 months. Your claim history is important when shopping for coverage as the insurance carriers will be calculating the risks of insuring your company. By reviewing what benefits you are currently receiving you will ensure that you get the type of coverage that you need to protect your business.

Requirements for a workers comp quote differ from broker to broker however here is the standard information that you will need to submit to the broker in order to receive a quote.

  • Your name and contact information
  • The effective date of your Workers Compensation policy
  • The business name (This will need to be the actual business name not the DBA)
  • Your business mailing address
  • Office address, telephone and fax number
  • # of locations
  • # of employees by location
  • Annual payroll by location
  • Type of business entity ie (partnership, LLC, corporation)
  • Social security number / FEIN of business owner
  • Recent claims history

What to Expect from Your Broker

A Workers Comp insurance broker will be educated about laws and regulations in your state. They will be able to apply that knowledge to your business and find you coverage that meets State and Federal Requirements. Your broker should also be familiar with other insurance companies that provide Workers Compensation insurance in the state. If an employee is injured your broker should help you to file claims and be able to answer your questions about getting treatment for the injured employee during the process. Your broker should help you to determine what caused the accident and offer to help find a way to prevent future injury.

Get a Quote From Several Carriers

Buying Workers Compensation insurance for your business is one of the most important decisions that you face as a business owner. It is important to your financial success and is required in most states to be licensed and provide service. A Quote will help you to determine the cost of doing business. If you feel like you are paying too much for insurance and would like to try and reduce your rates, request a Fast Workers Comp Quote in California, Florida, Texas, Arizona or Louisiana from utilizes your unique underwriting criteria to shop for a policy from over 100 A Rated and Admitted Carriers. By requesting a free quote from us you will get bids from many leading carriers instead of just a single provider. With our help you find the most affordable policy for your business.

* The above terms and opinions are to be used for descriptive and reference purposes only. Please review your individual policy for full definitions, exclusions and endorsements. Should you have any questions, please contact your Broker or Agent.