What is an Independent Insurance Agent?

An Independent Insurance Agent represents more than one carrier. An agent works with a business owner to identify the insurance services that are right for a client and can shop for products from more than one company. They are responsible for the client’s account, policy and renewal and in the business insurance market can give your company an advantage to finding the best coverage.

Advantages to Business Owners

An independent agent can be authorized by and represent many carriers. Because of this independent insurance agents and their clients have an advantage of shopping for coverage to find and compare the best company for their needs. With the complexities and risks of insuring a business in commercial insurance representing one carrier does not offer enough alternatives and an exclusive agent can’t offer a competitor’s product.

Our agency can identify and lead you to the services that are right for your business. With knowledge and experience we utilize your unique underwriting criteria to identify risks and shop for coverage. Because we do not represent a single carrier, we have the advantage of providing business owners with a quote that can provide more competition of rates and alternatives than an exclusive agent.

Our agency works to provide our clients with a high level of professional confidence and personal comfort. We thoroughly assess and identify the insurance products that your business needs. We are a specialist in Workers Compensation and will help to answer questions about requirements and laws in your state. We have great customer service, available in English and Spanish. You can expect straightforward advice and clear recommendations to help you make an informed decision.