Florida is one state that offers companies a discount on their Workers Compensation Insurance by voluntarily enrolling and enforcing state approved Drug Free Workplace Programs. Statistics show that a drug free workplace is a safer environment because an employee under the influence of drugs is likely to cause more accidents on the job. Most states do not allow workers whose injuries occur under the influence or because of substance abuse to receive Workers Comp benefits. Some states and Federal programs have created further benefits for employers that take the extra step of creating a drug free environment for their employees. The program in Florida is one way that your company may be able to reduce what you pay for Workers Comp insurance and improve the safety of your workplace. The program in Florida can be difficult to implement and maintain however employers have the option of purchasing a PEO/Employee Leasing Service to get the level of help they need to implement a drug-free workplace training program, secure affordable rates and offer employees with improved benefits.

Florida regulates drug-free workplace programs for contractors who perform work for a state contract, education facility, public property, publicly owned building or state correction facility. Florida Workers Compensation insurance also has strict guidelines for businesses regulating and making coverage mandatory for most employers. In 2011 and 2012 Florida has raised the average rate an employer must pay for Work Comp. The Drug-Free Workplace Program is a way for your business to recoup some of that cost as well as reduce the accidents/injuries that occur on your job.

A PEO/Employee Leasing Service is an easy way for your business to outsource this type of employee management – enabling a greater aggregate resource for small businesses to have a safe workplace and cheap Workers Compensation insurance. A PEO/Employee Leasing Service can provide businesses with Human Resources, Payroll Services, Employee Administration and access to group rates for buying Workers Comp Insurance. Safety training and drug free workplace programs are also available as an optional service, where the Florida PEO/Employee Leasing Company helps implement drug testing, background checks, loss control and safety training. PEO/Employee Leasing Services are attractive to any business owner who does not have a dedicated and large Human Resources Department. Outsourcing helps business owners implement the best employee benefits, a safe work environment and recapture their own focus on running a successful business.

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