E-WorkersComp.net has provided Texas roofing insurance since 2003. We have a proven ability to secure affordable rates for contractors and can navigate the complex requirements of Workers Comp Insurance for roofers. Our team can address the unique needs of your operation and find affordable coverage for companies both large and small. A professional will help you to identify risks and tailor a policy that provides your company the best coverage with the benefits that you need most. We are an independent agency and do not represent a single insurance carrier. By requesting a quote an agent will compare rates from top insurers to find a policy that reduces your cost.

Roofers have a high risk trade and their Workers Comp rates can be more expensive than any other type of contractor. Having the best coverage and the lowest rates should not be a tradeoff. By finding and selecting the best policies available to your business we can help your company to reduce insurance cost by as much as 37%.

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Take Advantage of a Policy With Policies Can Cover
  • No Down Payment
  • Pay As You Go
  • PEO/Employee Leasing
  • Cheap Rates
  • Medical Cost
  • Lost Wages
  • Disability
  • Employer Liability

Types of Coverage

  • Texas Workers Comp for roofers provides an employer and their employees with protection against medical cost, disability and lost wages. Your company may not be required to provide this type of coverage to independent and sub-contractors however it is STRONGLY recommended that you require anyone who works on a job to provide you with proof of Workers Comp insurance before they are allowed on the site. Employers can be held accountable for independent and sub-contractors who are injured on the job even if they are not classified as an employee.
  • PEO/Employee Leasing services can help you save money on insurance by providing group rates and discounts. A PEO service will also provide your company with Payroll Outsourcing, Human Resources, Employee Administration and the administration of Workers Comp Claims. It is attractive to small and medium sized business owners who want to spend less time on paperwork and more time on their core business values. It is also a great way for you to lower your insurance cost.

Our agency will help you to compare Texas Roofing Insurance rates and find the lowest cost coverage for your company. We have an extensive network of Workers Comp carriers, PEO/Employee Leasing companies and the lowest rates for most contractor class codes. We continually add new carriers to our network so that our clients have access to the cheapest roofing insurance in the private market. Clients who have used our service, have reduced what they pay by as much as 37%. You can obtain a free quote using our online form or speak with an agent by calling 800-329-2040.