In today’s litigious environment, Staffing Companies need a wide range of Staffing Company Insurance protection. There are risks and exposures that come up everyday that other industries do not face such as – an unhappy employer who feels you misrepresented an employee’s qualifications, or a mad worker who feels your company is being discriminatory against them. These types of claims can be a legal nightmare for staffing companies if you do not have the right Staffing Insurance to protect your business.

Is your Staffing Agency adequately covered by the appropriate insurance to protect you company from financial loss?

E-WorkersComp provides instant access to a wide range of insurance solutions designed specifically to meet the risk management needs of staffing agencies. We make it easy and affordable for you to get insurance coverage for you business needs.

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Staffing Company Insurance Policies We Have:

Workers Compensation Insurance – Companies with employees are required to have Workers Comp coverage in most states. Check with an agent to confirm your state’s regulations.
General Liability Insurance – Liability Insurance covers and provides protection against the legal problems that comes with accidents, injuries, and claims of negligence.
Professional Liability Insurance – If you provide a service, this insurance will protect against errors, and negligence. Some states require certain industries to carry such a policy.
Business Bonds – Bonds act as a guarantee between the contractor and the client that the project will be completed to the satisfaction of the contract. Some local and state governments require certain bonds in order to conduct business. Check with your agent to determine the bonds you need.
Payroll and Employee Leasing – Employee leasing allows for small business owners to outsource the tedious HR functions that take up valuable time. Employee Leasing can also save small and mid-sized business money on employee benefits such as Workers Comp, Health Benefits, Retirement Plans, ad Job Screening.
Employment Practices Liability Insurance – EPLI insurance provides the protection you need should one of your employees allege any number of employment practice violations. These violations include age, race or gender discrimination, wrongful termination and sexual harassment. EPLI is essential coverage for today’s employment agency.