We are can help you secure affordable Texas Workers Compensation insurance. We shop over a 100 different, “A” Rated and Admitted carriers to find the best discounts available for your company. Our goal is to lower your premiums and help you get better coverage for your employees. We give straightforward advice and recommendations that help business owners cut costs and provide assurance to their employees in case of a work injury or accident.

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In Texas, Workers Compensation insurance is not mandatory. If your business does not contract with a government agency or is not a direct government entity you are able to hire employees without paying for an insurance policy. In industries like construction, where dangerous tasks are common, almost all employers carry a policy to reduce their risk. A policy can protect a business owner from paying medical costs and lost wages if an employee is injured on the work site. If your business does not have coverage, we STRONGLY recommend that you request a quote and consider the cost of purchasing a policy against the risk of a work place accident.

Texas Workers Compensation insurance can pay for medical expenses and lost wages when an employee is injured during work. There are two types of coverage in every policy, Workers Comp and Employer Liability. Policies pay for claims made by an employee and expenses for lawsuits filed against your company. Without insurance, an injured employee could sue for disability, lost wages and medical expenses.

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No prior coverage? High Experience Modification? Our company will find you an affordable policy from a top insurer. If your business has high Experience Mod you are likely paying to much. We consistently help businesses, reduce rates by designing policies that correct Experience Mod errors and by checking that the business has the correct rating classification code. With our help you could lower your costs as much as 37%.

As an independent agent, we can provide a better service to our clients. Our agency represents thousands of businesses nationwide helping to reduce and lower cost by shopping many top insurers rather than a single provider. We monitor the market for the best available policies and can offer you the best discounts in the industry. Our goal is to provide you the highest level of customer service, straightforward advice and to dedicate our resources to meeting your needs. Call us now to see how much you can save.

Policies Can Cover You If You Business Can Also be Covered With:
  • An employee is injured working on/off the workplace
  • Certain medical conditions are contracted
  • Injury due to work violence or natural disaster
  • Employer Liability Insurance
  • Commercial Auto Insurance
  • Group Health Insurance
  • PEO/Employee Leasing
Lowest Rates on Most Contractor Class Codes
  • Staffing Agencies
  • Temp Agencies
  • Truckers
  • Transporation Companies
  • Tower and Cell Site Workers
  • Logging/Woodworking
  • Manufacturers

Texas Workers’ Compensation Coverage

E-WorkersComp.net is a licensed Texas insurance agency that can help you purchase coverage from the private marketplace. Texas businesses can utilize our Workers Compensation insurance coverage as an optional benefit to provide medical care to injured employees. Employers who carry insurance can avoid paying out of pocket for disability, medical care and illness. They also have added protection if an employee sues for damages. A non-subscriber, or business that chooses not to carry coverage can be sued by an injured employee. Rates are calculated based upon industry classification codes. Roofers, construction workers and truck drivers face different hazards in the work environment. The industry classification codes assess which risks are higher and where injuries are more common and calculates rates based on these assessments. Businesses are also assigned an experience rating based upon past compensation claims they have filed. An experience rating rewards safety conscious employers who are able to minimize the amount of accidents on the job.

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