It is to your advantage to shop around for the lowest Texas Workers Compensation Rates. Our agency can take the headache out of it by doing the shopping for you. We shop for rates from a large network of insurance carriers and can provide the lowest rates on most contractor class codes. We do not represent a single carrier and will help you to compare rates from top insurers independent and unbiased so that you find a policy that costs less. Since 2003 has helped thousands of Texas employers negotiate lower rates and it is our straightforward advice and recommendations that will help you to secure the best coverage for your unique needs.

Using our online form you can request a quote and have a professional compare rates to find you a policy that costs less. We recognize the needs of business owners to have insurance that protects them during their day to day operations. We also understand that no two businesses are the same. We can address your unique needs by tailoring a policy that offers protection against the risks you will face most.

Lowest Rates on Most Contractor Class Codes
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Texas Workers Compensation Rates are calculated using an occupational class code that determines what risks your employees will face in day to day operations. Class codes are different depending upon the type of work and environment. Contractors have many different class codes including separate rates for Roofers, Landscapers and Tree Trimmers. The class code is multiplied by payroll to determine premium. Other factors can affect this premium including Experience MOD which is calculated based upon past accidents and claims the employer has filed losses for.

  • Step 1 – Insurers determine the occupational class codes for your employee’s.
  • Step 2 – Employee Payroll is grouped and totaled by class codes and assigned a base rate.
  • Step 3 –Additional Factors are applied that can reduce or increase the overall premium including Experience MOD and deductibles.

You can lower your Workers Compensation rates.
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