We help business owners purchase affordable and comprehensive workers comp for construction. What sets us apart from other insurance companies are the benefits that we can provide you with. Unlike exclusive or captive brokers we are an independent agency. Our agency does not represent a single carrier but shops from many top insurers. We build strong relationships with our clients to provide a high level of professional and personal confidence. With great service, competitive prices and policies backed by A rated insurers our agency is exactly what you need.

Every business needs workers compensation insurance; especially construction workers. Besides the risks that construction workers face, most state governments mandate that you carry coverage. The only state that does require business owners to purchase a policy is Texas. The rules and requirements about coverage vary state by state so it is important that you speak with an agent who is well versed in local statutes. Contact us with questions and we will be happy to discuss insurance requirements for your business.

Workers comp for construction covers the medical cost and lost wages of an employee who is injured on the job. A policy can also cover the death of an employee and pay benefits to their dependents. In addition you, the employer, are protected from lawsuits as most injured employees will not be allowed to file a lawsuit against you.

A business owner can be held liable for anyone that is injured on the job whether they are independent or subcontractors. Typically a policy covers employees, not subcontractors; however it is a smart business decision to check that your subcontractors are covered by their own policy before allowing them on the jobsite. If they do not provide their own insurance the claim will go through your policy.

Our professionals have a proven history of designing comprehensive coverage for high risk occupations in the construction industry. We make straightforward recommendation as to which products are the most beneficial to your line of work so that you can make a clear and educated decision.

You can purchase workers compensation insurance in one of two ways.

  • PEO/Employee Leasing: A business owner who purchases through this method has the resources of the PEO/Employee Leasing Company to provide claim administration, taxes, payroll and workers comp insurance.
  • Stand-Alone Policy: Larger companies have more buying power and are more likely to secure a stand-alone policy. Insurers can turn down companies based on past claim history, type of service, size of payroll and number of employees. Small businesses that want a stand-alone policy can obtain insurance but it is more difficult to do.

We have spent years building relationships with top insurers and continually invest time in growing our network. Our clients can see the difference. With more options come more competitive rates. We have streamlined the process so that you can get a quote and coverage fast.

E-WorkersComp.net covers 46 states including workers comp for construction in California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Louisiana. Our goal is to help reduce costs so that you can in turn improve your bottom line. We know how important the financial success of your business is to you. It is also important to us. Take 15 minutes to fill out our online form or speak with an agent by phone 800-329-2040. We can help you to find more affordable coverage and reduce your expenses on insurance for construction.

Workers Comp for Construction

Construction companies employ many types of workers. The cost of workers comp for construction depends primarily upon the type of service that you provide. Your employees will face different exposures to risk depending upon what line of work they are in. This is known as an occupational class code.

Examples of construction workers with different class codes

  • Laborers: work on highways, buildings, excavations and demolition projects. They clean and prepare sites, dig, place shoring, erect scaffolding, clean-up and remove hazardous waste materials.
  • Operating Engineers: operate construction equipment including forklifts, cranes or barges.
  • Carpenters: work to install, erect and repair structures using hand and power tools.
  • Cement Masons and Concrete Finishers: place, finish, protect and repair concrete.
  • Reinforcing Iron and Rebar Workers: fabricate columns, beams, build bridges and skyscrapers.
  • Road
  • Highway
  • Civil
  • Industrial
  • Commercial
  • Residential
  • Steel Erection
  • Bridge
  • Concrete
  • Crane