E – Workers Comp is an independent insurance agency and leading provider of workers comp for loggers. We will help your wood working company to find and purchase affordable workers comp insurance, liability and PEO/Employee Leasing services. Our carriers cover loggers, manufacturers, lumberyards and sawmills. If you need to lower the cost of your insurance, trust us to do the job for you.

  • Logging
  • Forestry
  • Log and Chip Haulers
  • Chainsaw Operators
  • Wood Workers
  • Wood Manufacturer
  • Lumberyard
  • Wood Shops
  • Excavation
  • Sawmill
  • Planing Mills
  • Harvesters

What type of wood workers do you employ?

  • Timbering and Logging: From manual to mechanized, your employees move logs, branches and uses equipment to cut down trees, operate machinery, and load logs for transportation.
  • Wood Product Manufacturer: From lumber to specialty products, your employees operate machinery and use equipment to turn wood into marketable products.
  • Sawmills: From the initial debarking to the finished lumber, employees at sawmills operate heavy machinery to turn harvested wood into building materials and wood by-products.

We are well versed in state-statutes. From logging operations to sawmills our agency can identify and provide our recommendations to the best policy for your company. Our team will educate you on the legal requirements and risks that you face. Contact us to request a quote online or call us by phone 800-329-2040. We cover 46 states including Workers Comp for Loggers in California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Louisiana.