You may be an expert in your field, just not at insurance. That’s OK. We can help you find great coverage at a low cost. We cover companies in 46 states including workers for truck drivers in Florida, Texas, California, Arizona and Louisiana. We can provide insurance for Workers Comp, Liability, Commercial Auto, Bonds and PEO/Employee Leasing.

You may not know much about insurance other than you have to have it. This is a lot easier said than done. Insurers demand a lot from employers before they will issue a policy and finding the right carrier can take more time than you have. We make the process simple, providing clear recommendations so that you get the coverage that you need and get back to business.

4 Reasons to Choose

  • Great Service from an Experienced Staff
  • Honest and Straightforward Advice
  • Lowest Prices on Most Contractor Class Codes
  • Only Pay As You Go with Workers Comp and Payroll

Rules vary by state, which makes it a bit confusing when discussing workers compensation coverage with an insurer who is not well-versed in the state’s statutes. Augmented and driven by local court decisions, individual states have different laws on the books, which result in different workers comp rules, regulations and requirements. Even the opportunity to purchase the insurance from a private company, as opposed to a state-run insurer, is regulated on a state-by-state basis. The only state that does not currently mandate workers comp coverage is Texas.

Local workers compensation rules apply to each branch of a business, no matter where the company is headquartered. In other words, a company headquartered in Montana must follow California’s rules for workers comp coverage when opening a branch in the Golden State. If a business anticipates regular travel to another state as one of the job duties that some workers will perform, it is possible to buy a policy that declares the other state as a potential work location. If the worker is hurt while at that location, the original business’ policy will cover the employee, even if there is a branch office with a different workers comp insurance policy for the site.

7 Common Injuries Workers Comp Can Cover for Truck Drivers

  • Vehicle accidents
  • Slips and falls climbing in or out of the cab or trailer
  • Strains and backs injuries from lifting and/or moving items
  • Accidents loading or unloading
  • Slips and falls on loading docks
  • Carpal tunnel injury
  • Crush injuries where a part of the load falls on the driver

If you are unsure as to what type of insurance you need, don’t worry, our agency will help you to find and purchase the best workers comp policy for your business. Request a free quote online to begin working with an agent.