In Alabama Workers Comp Insurance is mandatory for business owners that employ four or more workers. If a worker is part-time you may still need to provide coverage in order to avoid fines. Any independent contractors or sub-contractors should also have Alabama workers comp insurance. If they are a true independent contractor than you may not be required to by law, however to avoid problems make sure these contractors do carry insurance or you could be held liable for an accident or injury.Alabama Workers Comp Insurance is important for every business owner and his/her employees. Purchasing a policy will offer some protection to a worker who is injured and needs medical care. Policies can provide a number of benefits depending upon the type of risks that your employees face. No two businesses are alike, and a basic plan will not cover your biggest exposures. Through specialized programs, our network of insurance companies can help to assess which risks your business faces, and provide you with options to cover and insure those areas.We provide Alabama Workers Comp Insurance that is affordable and comprehensive. We understand the needs of small and medium sized business owners. Our agency has specialized in Work Comp and Liability since 2003. As an independent agency we can offer our clients competitive rates and products by shopping for coverage from more than one company. Our network is backed by A Rated Insurers with solutions designed specifically for high risk occupations like contractors and construction.

Lowest Rates on Most Contractor Class Codes,
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7 Advantages We Offer Business Owners

  • We shop carriers independently and unbiased
  • We have Pay-As-You-Go Solutions for Businesses
  • Some Policies With No Down Payment
  • We Have the Lowest Rates on Most Contractor Class Codes
  • Specialized Insurance Coverage for High Risk Occupations
  • Affordable Coverage for Businesses with High Experience MOD
  • Fast Quote and Coverage for your Business

E – Workers Comp is an independent insurance agency providing coverage in 46 states. We can help you to find and purchase affordable Alabama Workers Comp Insurance. Many of our clients have reduced their cost and some by as much as 37%. If you are looking for a better option than your current policy use our online form to submit a quote request to an agent. We are also available by phone to speak with you and answer questions you have about obtaining a free quote 800-329-2040

We have affordable solutions for industries of all kinds
  • Agricultural Workers and Farmers
  • Tree Trimmers
  • Artisans
  • Auto Service
  • Heavy Construction Contractors
  • Commercial Building Companies
  • Excavation Contractors
  • Heavy Manufacturers
  • Roofing Companies
  • Marine – including USL&H / Jones Act
  • Oil and Gas Contractors
  • Tower and Antenna Climbers
  • Moving Companies
  • In-Home Care Specialist