Have you found an affordable policy for Arizona Contractors Insurance? We have the lowest rates on most class codes and can help you shop for a better rate from over 100 top insurers. We have a large team of specialist available to work with you on securing Workers Comp, Liability and Bonds for your company. By requesting a quote from us, you can quickly compare rates available and find coverage that costs you less.

Lowest Rates on Most Class Codes
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  • Every employee is important to you. Their health and well being is both a professional and personal obligation. Providing workers compensation to your contractors assures that when they are injured your company can provide medical care, disability, lost wages and return to work programs. A policy will not cover everything and so it is important that you work with a professional who understands the needs of your day-to-day operations to design coverage that provides the most protection. Our specialist will help you to navigate through this difficult maze and provide you with the right coverage that balances employee benefits and total cost.
  • Liability Insurance is essential to your future success. Contractors work in a high risk occupation and accidents happen within even the best managed operations. Securing a policy that protects you should not be difficult or expensive. Our main goal is to find a secure a more affordable policy for you. We do not represent a single provider, we are an independent broker. We shop for coverage for our clients from over 100 carriers. Request a free quote using our online form and compare rates quickly and easily.
  • Independent and Sub-Contractors are a part of many Arizona employers. Choosing whether to provide coverage for these types of employees is not regulated by the state. As a business owner you should choose to regulate who is allowed on the job-site by requiring that contractors provide proof of insurance. Employees, independent and sub-contractors should all be covered in order to reduce your risk.

We are a national provider of employer insurance. Since 2003 our agents have helped small and medium sized businesses reduce their bottom line by securing insurance that costs less. Coverage can be both comprehensive and cheap. Our main goal is to save you money. Speak with a specialist today about your needs. We are available to answer questions about requirements in your state and help you secure affordable coverage.