E-WorkersComp.net shops for the lowest Arizona Workers Compensation rates from over 100 A Rated and Admitted Carriers. We can get you a quote from several top insurers and help you to negotiate the best price and coverage for your business. We frequently reduce cost of insurance for business owners. We have saved some business owners as much as 37%! We do not represent a single provider and because of our extensive network we have the lowest rates on most contractor class codes. If you are looking for a better deal, you could shop 100 companies yourself or have our specialist quickly find the lowest rates for you.

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We will help you to compare rates from top insurers.

Rates are calculated based upon your companies payroll, class codes and experience mod. We help companies correct experience mod errors, find and classify employees with the right class codes and negotiate with top insurers for the best coverage and rates. Whether you want to purchase a stand-alone policy or a policy through an Employee Leasing Company our team has extensive experience in Workers Compensation and can explain the process to you in clear detail.

Our company has specialized in Workers Comp since 2003,
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