Business owners and contractors secure affordable Workman’s Comp in Arkansas! Our agency can help you to find and obtain coverage at a lower cost. We can help all businesses including those with no prior coverage and those that have a high experience MOD. Request a free quote online to speak with an agent.


Arkansas Workers Comp insurance can provide benefits to those who are injured, contract an occupational disease or die because of an accident on the job. Both employees and employers benefit from the coverage. An employer reduces his risk of liability, provides medical care to his staff and can avoid paying out of pocket for the expenses.


Occupational Class Codes separate industries by common risks and cost to an insurance provider. Arkansas Workman’s Comp rates are determined by the type of work and service that you provide, the size of your business/payroll and your previous claim history. Additional factors can influence the rate that an insurer charges and are used to make predictions about frequency and severity of future accidents/injuries.

We shop multiple insurers! We can help you do so quickly and easily. We work with over 100 A Rated Insurers and Admitted Carriers across 46 states. Our agency will help you to shop for the best rates available to you.

How to Obtain Coverage

You can obtain a policy from the private insurance market through an exclusive or independent agent. We are an independent agency and work with business owners to obtain coverage from the carrier that offers the best products.

About Us

We are an Arkansas Workers Comp specialist and have provided service in 46 states for over a decade. Employers can purchase insurance for their company quickly and easily by requesting a quote online. We provide both Stand-Alone and PEO/Employee Leasing solutions. You can count-on straightforward and clear advice as to the best insurance products for your operations.