Welcome to E-WorkersComp.net! We provide Workmans Comp in Baton Rouge and throughout the state of Louisiana. If you are interested in purchasing insurance for your business please use the online form to submit your business information. If you have questions about requirements, rates or would like to speak with an agent contact us by phone at 800-329-2040.

Our agency has a decade of knowledge and experience in the private insurance market. We have helped thousands of business owners to purchase Workmans Comp, Liability, Bonds and Commercial Auto. Our focus has been and always will be to help our clients find the best products available.

This may be the first policy you have purchased, or you may be searching for an alternative to what you currently have. We can help you in 2 ways – purchasing an individual policy or a policy through PEO/Employee Leasing. Both provide Workmans Comp, but the best product depends upon the needs of your business.

We represent multiple carriers and PEO/Employee Leasing companies. Individual policies are known as stand-alone and purchased through a carrier. They are the best option for larger operations because insurers are more likely to take on the risk. If you are a small business obtaining a stand-alone policy may not be an option. A better option for small companies may be PEO/Employee Leasing which offers workers comp and payroll services. The PEO, Professional Employer Organization, takes on risks of many small employers making coverage affordable and obtainable.

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