e-WorkersComp.net provides commercial and small business insurance services including Workers Compensation Insurance, General Liability Insurance, Commercial Auto Insurance, HR Outsourcing, and Contractor Bonds.

At e-WorkersComp.net we partner with over 100 of the Nations Top insurance carriers for California Business Insurance. Our brokers are able to work with National, Regional, and Niche insurance carriers to find the best coverage for your large and small California Business Insurance needs.

Whether you are a large construction company, building major projects or an artisan company that is doing finish work on high-end homes, we have the knowledge and the experience to find the appropriate coverage for you business operations. At e-WorkersComp.net we work closely with you to personalize a custom risk management package for you.

As an independent broker we are able to approach the right insurance carrier and negotiate a tailor made insurance policy on your behalf. When working with us you get the benefits of extensive knowledge and experience in your particular industry.

California Business Insurance we Offer:

Workers Compensation Insurance

Provides medical benefits, rehabilitation benefits, and lost wages to employees that are injured on the job.  REQUIRED IN MOST STATES.

General Liability Insurance

Protects you against claims of bodily injury, property damage, advertisement damage, or personal injury brought against your company by a third party.

Contractor Bonds

Act as a guarantee between you and your client that the job will be done on time and up to satisfaction.  Required for government contracts and most private sector jobs.

Employee Leasing

Allows you to outsource HR administration, payroll, employee benefits, and other time consuming projects, to free you up to spend more time on important operations.