E-WorkersComp.net is increasing safety awareness in the workplace for employers’ with frequent losses.

Tampa, FL December 17, 2011

With the launch of http://www.e-workerscomp.net, a new resource is available for Employers’ with frequent Workers Compensation claims.

The Director of New Business Development at E-WorkersComp.net said, “A big part of insurance is managing claims and identifying where problems are coming from. By increasing safety awareness in the workplace insurance costs go down.”

Insurance carriers offer lower rates for companies that make a commitment to safety in the workplace. Workers’ Compensation rates are attributed to experience rating. Businesses with effective accident prevention programs identify where losses occur and train employees how to prevent them. Companies with safe work environments pay less for insurance.

“Small claims are a large factor in what creates a high experience rating, or what is commonly known as the Experience Modification. The frequency of small Work Comp claims can easily be reduced,” said The Director of New Business Development at E-WorkersComp.net, he recommended that employers take full advantage of safety training and prevention.

Workers’ Compensation insurance rates are determined by an experience rating or “X-Mod”. Employers’ with a high X-Mod have frequent losses and are at a higher risk to insure.

E-WorkersComp.net, http://www.e-workerscomp.net is actively building relationships with employers’ to increase focus on work safety.

Written by Ben Kaylor