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Insurance Policies Needed To Operate:

Florida Workers Compensation Insurance

Florida requires that every company that has more than 4 employees have the right amount of workers compensation to continue operations. If an employee is injured on the job they are entitled to receive the following benefits:

  • Medical Benefits
  • Loss Wages
  • Permanent Disability
  • Temporary Disability
  • Rehab Benefits

Florida Liability Insurance

Liability insurance helps to protect you company assets if an accident occurs to a third part, someone who doesn’t work for your company. Liability insurance will cover the cost that are incurred due to suit from bodily injury, property damage, advertisement damage, and personal injury.

Florida Bonds

Local, state, federal, and even private contracts are now requiring that contractors have proper bonding in order to bid on specific projects. A bond gives a reassurance to the project owner that the job will be completed under the contract terms and they will not incur any financial loss.

Popular Types of Bonds for Contractors:

  • License Bond – Guarantees that you are complying with laws and regulations.
  • Bid Bond – Makes sure that you are able to complete the project you bid on at the price you bid.
  • Performance Bond – Makes sure that you complete the project to contract specs.
  • Payment Bond – Ensures that you are alb to pay for the people that do work under your observation.

Florida PEO & Payroll

PEO services puts your HR functions into the hands of professionals. This allows you to ficus more on the operations of your company that makes you money.