If you are searching for Liability and Workers Comp insurance for assisted living facilities you have come to the right place. We cover businesses like you in 46 states including Florida, Texas, California, Louisiana and Arizona. Each business is unique and the right insurer for you will depend upon your day to day operations, the size of your business, the services you provide and the state that you work in. We can help you to find and buy the product best suited to your needs. Use our online form to request a quote and begin working with an agent.

You can purchase insurance for an assisted living facility through a stand-alone policy or a PEO/Employee Leasing service. A stand-alone policy is a great option for large businesses, but not the best option for a small company. Large businesses are more likely to get covered because of their years in business, payroll size and number of employees. Small companies do not have the same buying power. If you need to purchase insurance for a small assisted living facility we recommend PEO/Employee Leasing. Contact us to learn more about both stand-alone and PEO/Employee Leasing.

The premium is made up of the workers’ compensation portion of the policy and also an employers’ liability section. The amount of coverage that the business purchases under the workers’ comp heading determines a large portion of the premium calculation. Increases in medical care costs adversely affect premiums, as do state-mandated benefit limits. During annual reviews of the policies, insurance underwriters may adjust premiums accordingly.

Since workers’ comp is business insurance, it is up to the business’ owner to pay for the coverage. This includes the payment of deductibles, premiums, and also administrative costs associated with claim handling and state reporting duties.

This may be the first policy that you have purchased, or you may be searching for a more affordable provider. We have helped assisted living facilities just like you to find a better insurance product and save money. We provide Workers Comp, Liability, Bonds and PEO/Employee Leasing to cover assisted living, senior care, retirement and nursing homes. We currently cover 46 states including insurance for assisted living in Florida, Texas, California, Arizona and Louisiana.