Our company provides Louisiana Roofing Insurance including Workers Comp, Liability and Bonds. It has been our pride and specialization since 2003 to design comprehensive coverage at affordable prices for roofing contractors and the construction industry. Our agents have worked with the strict requirements and risk that you face to help hundreds of companies gain protection against a dangerous job. We design coverage based upon the risks that your employees face the most in their day-to-day operations and shop for rates from over 100 A Rated and Admitted Carriers. Our in-house specialists will work with you to find and compare prices available to roofing contractors in Louisiana. We shop a large network of providers whose programs are designed to provide low cost coverage.

Some Policies Feature

  • Pay as you go
  • Combined Insurance and PEO services
  • Zero Down or Minimum Down Payment

Types of Coverage

  • Louisiana Workers Compensation is our specialty. We have a large and continually growing network of providers and an in-house team of specialist to provide you with clear and straightforward advice regarding your current policy.
  • Liability Insurance has been our core business since we began in 2003. Our customers benefit from A rated insurers and comprehensive coverage. As always our goal is to save you money.
  • PEO/Employee Leasing has been a core service for our clients to provide significant discounts to business owners. Our clients who are small and medium sized business owners have access to improve their employee benefits and the resources to manage them.

Finding the best Louisiana Roofing Insurance can require a business owner to submit quotes at hundreds of different carriers. As an independent insurance agency we work for you and can take the headache out of finding the best policy. Our team has a proven ability to negotiate and secure low rates. We will help you to find and purchase the best policy for your operation.

Lowest Rates on Most Contractor Class Codes
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How Rates are Calculated

Louisiana Roofing Insurance rates are calculated based upon class codes, payroll and experience mod. These are three of the main determining factors used however other factors can affect rates.

  • Class Codes are used to separate employees into job descriptions and classify risks. A roofer has a higher risk and separate class code than office employee.
  • Payroll size is totaled for each employee and used to calculate the final premium.
  • Experience Mod is a record of past accidents and injuries and can increase or decrease the rate depending upon frequency and severity of claims.

Purchase LA Roofing Insurance

Use our online form to submit your business information. Our team will work with you to find and purchase a policy. If you have questions about how to submit a quote request online, please contact us by phone 800-329-2040.