The majority of businesses need North Carolina Workers Comp Insurance. It is a state law that businesses with more than 3 employees carry a North Carolina Workers Comp policy. Price of coverage is dependent upon an Experience Rating, or “X-Mod” factor. The experience rating of your business is decided based upon past losses, including large and small claims. The main factor in experience rating is the frequency of claims, which are used to predict future losses and the cost to insure. Businesses that have a high experience rating may be able to reduce what they pay for insurance. A commitment to safety training and accident prevention is the long-term key to reducing your rates.In North Carolina Workers Comp and Liability Insurance provide coverage to businesses that face higher risks in the workplace. Trucking companies, roofing businesses, construction contractors, staffing and temp agencies face obstacles in buying affordable insurance. Insurers set premiums depending upon occupational hazards that employees may face on the job. Rates for roofers are typically more expensive than a business of the same size whose main occupation is carpentry.

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