Do you need workers comp insurance for oil and gas contractors?

Running your business is not an easy task and you need to know that you are protected in case something does go wrong. onshore or offshore we can help you get covered.

Workers compensation covers you and your employees from workplace injuries. An employee can be part-time, full-time and if needed additional coverage can be purchased for independent/subcontractors. Rules vary state by state, however most businesses will be required to purchase a policy. It is important to note that the only state that does not require coverage is Texas.

How is Workers Comp Calculated?

  • Experience Mod: The experience mod is a measurement of the past accidents and injuries of your company. If you have had very few workplace injuries than insurers will typically reduce the cost of your policy.
  • Class Codes: A class code defines the line of work and inherent dangers of the job. Industries that have more frequent and severe injuries cost more to insure. As an example, a clerical worker pays a lot less for workers comp insurance than a roofing contractor.

Unlike an exclusive agent, we represent a large network of carriers that we shop independently and unbiased. With more carriers, our clients have the ability to find rates that are competitive. Our success has been built upon educating business owners and providing a clear understanding of workers comp. We cover 46 states including insurance for oil and gas contractors in California, Florida, Texas, Arizona and Louisiana. Request a quote online to work with an agent.