Our job is to help your company find and buy a policy with a Low Cost Workers Compensation Insurance Rate. We know it is a tough economy and saving money on business expenses is important to you. Your success is also important to us. We want to help you find a lower rate and can usually help businesses find a policy that saves them money. How do we do it? We don’t shop for a policy from a single provider, rather we shop all over the marketplace from many different carriers. We review your current policy for errors such as class codes or payroll. These errors classify your business incorrectly and increase what you pay. Class codes are a large deciding factor in rates for every business and contractor. It is our job to find you a policy that costs less and you can trust us to do the job for you. Apply Online and see how much we could save you!

Workers Compensation Rates are calculated based off of Class Codes which define what type of risks a business and its’ employees will face in the workplace. Every business has a class code. Office workers have some of the lowest insurance rates and are grouped into a classification so that it makes it easy to predict future accidents and injuries of the company. The same goes for a Roofer, however contractors work in a hazardous environment so the frequency and severity of injury is higher. Because of these risks, rates for roofers are much higher than an office worker.

Rates can increase or decrease depending upon an Experience MOD. An Experience MOD is a representation of a company’s safety record. It is calculated from past claim history and is used to predict future losses for the company. A company that has had more accidents or injuries on the job is likely to have the same number or even more in the future. Insurance companies must use these calculations in order to predict how much they will lose in the future so that they can adjust a rate and cover those losses. A brand new company starts out with an Experience MOD of 1.00 and this can increase or decrease over the course of a 12 to 36 month timespan depending upon how many Workers Compensation Claims that your company files.

An insurance policy is an agreement of cost and benefits between the insurer and insured. Buying a Workers Comp Policy entitles your business to be paid by the insurer for employee injuries that occur on the job. The most common benefits of a Workers Comp Insurance Policy are paid medical treatment, a portion of the employees lost wages and the protection of the employer from a lawsuit or litigation. Rates will increase or decrease depending upon what benefits and type of coverage that your company needs included in the policy.

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