Since 2003, has been helping secure affordable workers comp insurance for roofing companies throughout the United States. Our agency provides a simple and effective way for employers to purchase policies that offer the best protection against accidents and employee injuries within the workplace. As a specialist, our expertise will help your business to obtain a policy that best suits your unique needs.

This is what we do best! We specialize in workers comp insurance for roofing companies and have a long history of success in creating unique policies that provide contractors with the best protection against on-the-job injuries. Each policy that we sell is tailored to the size and needs of your business to provide a comprehensive coverage plan that concentrates on low cost and high protection.

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We work closely with your company to deliver a policy that addresses the unique needs of your day to day operations. We search for and select the best policies from our nation’s top insurers. We have a proven ability to negotiate policies with insurers in order to find low cost, effective coverage.

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Employee injuries happen within even the best managed operations. Contractors face a tough work environment and your company including independent contractors should have a plan that can help pay for medical treatment, lost wages and disability.

  • Our team can address the unique needs of your business and tailor a policy that will provide your contractors with protection. Most policies can provide your company with financial help by paying a portion of lost wages, medical care and disability costs. As a business owner it can also offer you increased protection against lawsuits filed because of an injury. Most states require that employees are covered and we strongly recommend that every contractor that works on your jobsite carry this type of insurance to reduce your liability.

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Rates for roofing companies are calculated using Experience Rating, an Industry Classification Code and the average rates set by the state that you do business in.

  • A company’s Experience Rating can increase or decrease the rate that you pay. Experience Rating is determined by past claims within a 12 to 36 month span. Companies that have had more accidents have a high Experience Rating and typically are charged a higher rate.
  • A roofing contractor has a different industry classification code than a restoration company because they are exposed to different risks on the job. Some occupations have a higher frequency of accident and severity of injury which cost more to insure.

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In order to get the best price and coverage from the private insurance marketplace will shop for the best policies and rates available from over 100 A Rated and Admitted Carriers. If you want our help in finding a policy that will reduce your cost use our online form to submit your information and request a Free Quote.