Texas PEO and Employee Leasing companies offer small and medium sized business outsourcing for Payroll, Human Resources and Employee Administration. It can dramatically reduce the cost of your Workers Comp insurance and the amount of time you spend on paperwork.

Employers can save money on Workers Comp by purchasing a policy through the PEO. Getting covered is easier and in most cases you will reduce what you pay. You also save time by outsourcing H/R, Payroll and Administration. You will still direct and manage employee activities, determine wages and conduct performance reviews for hiring/firing. The PEO/Employee Leasing company will assist you with employer responsibilities including compliance, taxes and benefit administration.

By purchasing a Workers Comp insurance policy through a PEO instead of buying stand-alone coverage you can take advantage of flexible payment plans (Pay-as-You-Go), policies that offer coverage with zero-down payment and purchase Workers Comp at inexpensive rates. Business owners with a PEO have more time to focus on their core business because they are able to reduce the time that they spend on paperwork.

E-WorkersComp.net can provide you with PEO Services, Workers Comp and Insurance for your business. Our clients have used our service have been able to save as much as 37% on their insurance costs.

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