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Employee vs Independent Contractor

Workers comp insurance covers a business’ employees. Following the guidelines of the Internal Revenue Service in the classification of workers, the states generally recognize an employee to be an individual, who is hired and paid to perform a task or service at the business owner’s or manager’s direction.

It gets dicey when it comes to independent contractors and subcontractors. State law governs the treatment of these individuals under a business’ workers compensation insurance policy. As a general rule of thumb, these workers are not considered to be a business’ employees; however, the business owner who hires these workers can be held liable for injuries that contractors, subcontractors or their employees sustain while they are doing work for the company. Covering them under the policy is good business protection. If a state does not mandate their coverage under a business’ policy, it is a good idea for the human resources manager or business owner to verify the contractor’s – or subcontractor’s – coverage under a different workers comp policy.

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The Importance of Class Codes has the lowest rates on most contractor class codes and will help you to assess and assign class codes to your employees. Not every employee will use the same code and a moving company can employ many types of workers. A classification code is used by insurance companies to determine the rate at which to charge for insurance. Workers Comp for Movers will cover the employees and contractors who load and unload household goods, office equipment and transport cargo to a new location. Your business may also employ salesman, office workers, management and drivers that use seperate class codes. Request a free no-obligation quote using our online form and find out how much we can save you!

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