You may have had Workers Compensation for your Transportation Company in the past, or this may be your first time buying a policy. If you are searching for an affordable policy you have come to the right place. We cover companies in 46 states including Workers Compensation for Transportation in Florida, California, Texas, Louisiana and Arizona. Whether you are in transportation, trucking, delivery, transit or moving we can save you money. If you would like to request a quote, please use the online form. Contact us by phone if you have questions, 800-329-2040.

Premiums are primarily determined by the type of service that you provide. A transportation company pays higher premiums that an office worker because of the dangers of the profession. Additional aspects to factor into the cost are previous claim history and location of the business. Companies that have fewer claims typically are rewarded with lower premiums.

Workers Comp is business insurance and it is up to the business owner to pay for coverage. Transportation companies can purchase a stand alone policy or PEO/Employee Leasing service from a private insurance company. This coverage is separate from any other type of liability or health insurance that you may already have.

If you run a multi-state operation, you must abide by local laws in all states that you do business. If you anticipate regular travel to another state, it is possible to buy a policy that declares other states as a potential work location.

If you are a small transportation company looking to purchase workers compensation, a stand-alone policy may not be the best option. PEO/Employee Leasing can be a better solution because it is easier to secure and the policy grows with the business. Stand-alone policies are the most requested type of coverage but are not easily obtained unless you run a large operation. Speak to an expert about whether PEO/Employee Leasing or a Stand-Alone policy will be better for your company call 800-329-2040.

Do not hesitate to call or request a quote. We provide straightforward advice and recommendations. We will do our best to find you a better product that reduces your cost.

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